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We do chemical and microbiological analysis of water and waste water for our clients.

WESPL is your convenient source for highly accurate chemical and bacteriological analysis of your water. We help people to solve analytical challenges by providing innovative solutions through knowledgeable guidance, prompt service, and quality products designed for the analysis of water.

Testing water quality is a main step towards understanding the status of your own environment.

With WESPL you can test the quality of your water and interpret laboratory reports. Along with lab results we help you to determine whether harmful levels of chemicals or microorganisms are present in water. With objective data from the WESPL ou can enhance the health of your family, animals, etc.

Select a water quality profile:

WESPL offers you a wide range of analytical testing services for anyone interested I getting a water test. Please take our quickly survey to determine which WESPL profile is appropriate for your situation.

The types of water you can evaluate by chemical and bacteriological analysis are,

  • Well water
  • Tube well water
  • Municipal water – tap water
  • Bottled water
  • Treated water
  • Raw water
  • Industrial waste water
  • Industrial treated waste water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Cooling tower circulating water
  • Make up water for cooling tower

Standards followed for test methods:

As per standard methods for the examination f water and waste water, 18th Ed., 1992 published by PHA, AWWA and WEF and also SLI, WHO, CEA, EU, USP, BP.

Water Coolers
Water coolers could be connected to water sources directly with in-built state of the art treatment to ensure a continuous supply of drinking water with substantial cost saving.

Spare Parts
We have ample stocks of various parts for the required treatment.

WATERMAN | Products

Water Treatment
WESPL has proven capability to analyze and offer scientific solution to various water related problems, might be related to residential, commercial and industrial uses. We are pioneers in providing automatic treatment plants in Sri Lanka.


  • Portable and industrial water treatment.
  • Water softening and demineralization.
  • Ion removal.
  • RO, ultra-filtration and membrane based systems.
  • Sterilization.
  • Depth filtration.
  • Carbon adsorption.

Waste Water Treatment
WESPL offers optimum treatment system by using several unit operations to meet extensive requirement for quality and quantity of waste water and also to make it usable for any specific purposes.


  • Pre Treatment (Primary treatment):
    Removal of
    • Coarse Solids
    • Suspended Solids
    • Inorganic Salts
  • Biological Treatment (Secondary treatment):
    • Dissolved Organic Compounds Removal
    • Suspended Colloidal Matter Removal
  • Advance Treatment(Tertiary treatment):
    Removal of
    • Dissolved Organic Compounds
    • Phosphorus & Nitrogen Compounds
    • Dissolved Inorganic Salts
  • Sludge Treatment
    • Thickeners
    • Chemical Dosing
    • Dewatering
    • Drying
    • Incineration

Sewage Treatment
Cost considerations are playing an increasingly important role in sewage treatment systems.WESPL uses the Sequence Batch Reactor Technology (SBR) in treating the sewage and kitchen waste generated from residences, apartment complexes and industries. The water could be treated to make it usable for any specific purposes such as irrigation, toilet flushing etc.

Laboratory Test Kits/Equipments for Field and Lab
We have in stock the broadest line of portable test kit and equipments for water quality testing.

WATERMAN | Other Related Services

  • Project Management
  • Inspection
  • Erection and Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance Contracts
  • Rehabilitation and Modernization of Plants
  • Preventive Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Training

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