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We are a professional company dealing with all kinds of related technologies, design, engineering supply of water and waste water treatment plants and chemicals. We have been growing since 1990 in the above area.

Our team consists of around 30 staff; among them are qualified and experienced Technicians, Chemists, Engineers and Managers in the field of Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Marketing. Company’s analytical laboratory assists in the design, proposal and service group in correct system design and trouble shooting by giving realistic analysis report in-house and at site.

Our area of emphasis is standard products and custom build projects in filters, clarifiers, softeners to remove calcium and magnesium hardness that are present in water, demineralizers, and reverse osmosis for various capacities. Our company also deals with water dispensers, cartridge filters, UV sterilizers, water and chemical dosing pumps, instruments of RO membrane, Ion exchange resins, Sewage treatment plants etc.

The extensive experience in working exclusively in water and waste water treatment has turned up the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and constant improvement.

We do conduct regular / annual servicing and maintenance contracts to monitor the complete water system for its non stop continuous usage. Our service team can install and commission the water and waste water treatment plants supplied by any other vendors world wide. As far as chemicals for Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, and Boilers are concerned, we do offer treatment programs for controlling scale and algae growth etc.

We provide this program to satisfy the water treatment needs backed by our complete satisfaction guarantee and 10 years experience in servicing the clients.

The repetitive order of the client has taught us to do business through services only. Up to now we have completed over 100 such projects for various industries.

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