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'WESPL' is your convenient source for highly accurate chemical and bacteriological analysis of your water. We help people to solve analytical challenges by providing innovative solutions through knowledgeable technical guidance , prompt service , and quality products designed for the analysis of water.

Testing water quality is a main step towards understanding the status of your own environment.

With 'WESPL' you can test the quality of your water and interpret laboratory reports. Along with lab results we helps you determine whether harmful levels of chemicals or microorganisms are present in water. With objective data from the WESPL you can enhance the health of all living things in your environment.

Select a water quality profile

WESPL offers you a wide range of analytical testing services for anyone interested in getting a water test. Please take our quick survey to determine which WESPL profile is appropriate for your situation.

The types of water you can evaluate by chemical and bacteriological analysis are,

  • Well water
  • Tube well water
  • Municipal water - Tap water
  • Bottled water
  • Treated water
  • Raw water
  • Industrial waste water
  • Industrial Treated Waste water
  • Boiler Feed water
  • Cooling Tower circulating water
  • Make Up water for Cooling Tower

Standards followed for test methods

As per Standard methods for the Examination of water and waste water , 18th ed., 1992 published by APHA, AWWA, & WEF. And also SLSI, WHO, CEA, EU, USP, BP.


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